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Signature Amp 2100


Aiming to meet the needs of the custom installation market, Morel has designed the new Signature AMP 2100, a flexible high-quality amplifier.

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Morel’s new digital amplifier produces 250W RMS at 4ohm to achieve its unique flexibility and quality. This feature-rich amplifier matches the technological excellence of the Octave Signature Subwoofer and the Harmony 10 Subwoofer, providing full range output, 12V trigger input, auto on/off, variable crossover control, and bass boost, making system integration an easy task.

The Signature AMP 2100 is designed to turn the Octave Signature Subwoofer fully active. The added benefit of separating the amplifier is that it can be placed next to the Receiver/ Processor etc to allow much easier subwoofer adjustment.

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