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Principia 7

Sonus Faber

Passion for Music
In both its shape and name, Principia collection embodies the idea of a beginning, a foundation, a primary element: plain and essential lines, like the ones that define the speaker’s design, and a name that stands for one’s starting point and entry in the audio high-end world. Principia collection is a great solution for many different listening needs, meeting the requirements of stereo as well as multichannel Home Theater systems in both small and large rooms. The deep relationship with the Chameleon collection is evident in many design rolex replicas relojes and technical details they share - particularly the brushed aluminum details and trapezoidal shape. The 29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome tweeter with DKM membrane is inherited from Chameleon as well, while the other Silver polyproylene injected flat rolex pas cher surface cone drivers are new Sonus faber designs and are unique to Principia.

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