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971 CD Transport


The 971 is Wadia’sfinest CD Transport, born from Wadia Digital’sveryfruitful recent effortsin developing a completely new CD / data transport platform. The 971 combines ourverylatest and mostsophisticated version of this new transport with Wadia’s proven performance enhancements. These include our most fully regulated and isolated powersupplytechnology, the latest and bestversion of our proven ClockLink capability, the most complete mechanical isolation of any Wadia transport, and Wadia’s proven output dithering circuit for delivering the most fully enhanced digital output signal resolution.

By adding and further refining each of these proven performance-enhancing technologies, and combining these technologies with the most fullyrefined version of our new standard-setting CD mechanism, Wadia is able to provide a reference level CD playback devicewith virtually perfect data capture on both CD and high quality data discs (up to 24 bit resolution).

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