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381/381i CD Player


The ebb and replique rolex daytona flowofmusic fillsyour roomasthe 381 CD playersonicallytakesyou to placesyou have never been.
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Music Without Compromise. The 381 CD Player features
the same ground breaking technologiesthat have made the 581se CD Player a benchmark.Literallyyour 381 CD Player utilizesthe identical DigiMaster 2.5 reconstruction filter, SwiftCurrent 3 Discreet current to voltage conversion, isolated powerfactorcorrected and inductor filtered power
supplies, and ClockLinkjitter reduction circuits asthe
581se CD Player adding up toworld class performance
at a very attractive price.
Newto the 381 CD Player is our first optical disc transportcapable of playing FLAC audio data fromyour download collection.
The 381i CD Player adds digital input and output boards. Utilizing the inputs allows you to use your 381i as a high
performance Wadia DAC maximizing sourcessuch as- DVD players,computers, digitalsatellite/cable boxes.
The 381i CD Playermakes a perfectmatch for the Wadia
The Wadia 381 CD Player will bring the passion back into yourmusicalworld.

Technical Specifications
Power Supply: Dual transformers in internal isolation
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Power Consumption: 58 watts
Decoding Software: 3 user selectable upsampling
algorithms including DigiMaster v2.5
Compatible Formats: Red Book CD, CD-R, CD-RW and FLAC
Digital Processing Capability: 1 - 24 Bits
Digital Resolution: 21 bitresolution
DAC Sample Rate: 1.4112 MHz
Digital Volume Control Range: 50dB in one-hundred 0.5dB steps
Maximum Output Voltage: Adjusted via internal switches from 0.3V to 4.25V to match system sensitivity
Output Impedance: Less than 15 ohms
Digital Inputs 381i only:
1 - USB (B-Type)
1 - SP/DIF (BNC)
1 - Plastic Optical (Toslink)
Digital Outputs 381i only:
1 - Glass Fiber-Optic (ST)
1 - SP/DIF (BNC)
1 - Plastic Optical (Toslink)
Analog Outputs:
1 pair balanced (XLR)
1 pair unbalanced (RCA)
Both can be used simultaneously

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