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Hydra Alpha Model 6


Like its slightly smaller counterpart the Hydra-α Model-4, the Hydra-α Model-6 incorporates the Award-Winning Triton (Product-of-the-Year -- TAS) core technologies to
rolex replica watches deliver on Shunyata\'s promise of superior power-distribution performance at a more reasonable price point. The Hydra-α Model-6 utilizes the Triton\'s MPDA (Multi-Phase Differential Array) and ZPP-DS (Zero-Point Power Distribution Buss System) to offer a measurable advantage in peak-current, DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) as well as vastly improved CCI (Component To Component Interference) isolation. Including the Talos and Triton designs, the the Hydra-α Series of products use the 3rd Generation Hydra technology to bring out the finest measurable performance in Shunyata\'s long and storied history.

Application Suggestions
The Hydra-α Model-6 is designed and priced to deliver an endlessly flexible and high-value power distribution solution. Hydra-α Model-6 can be used as a stand alone power source for a complete six-component system -- along with amplifiers of any size and current-draw capability. This 6 outlet Hydra-α can also be used in systems with multiple dedicated lines as a primary or secondary power source along with other Hydra models for high-current amps, projectors, subwoofers, video screens or recording equipment. The α 4 is lightweight and easy to transport so it can go anywhere with recording engineers doing remote studio or mastering work. Perhaps the greatest strength of the Hydra-α Model-6, like the α 4 and α 2 models, is how well it isolates CCI (Component to Component Interference), making it an ideal power distributor for mixed systems. No matter what noise producing electronics are plugged into the α 6, the MPDA filter network will isolate incoming and outgoing noise from affecting other electronics plugged into the unit--and all this with NO additional peak current limitation common to virtually all other conditioner types.

- Max Voltage: 125VAC (US)
- Max Voltage: 230VAC (Asia)
- Max Voltage: 240VAC (Euro)
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- Max continuous current: 20 Amps (US) / 16 Amps (Euro)
- Peak instantaneous current: >200 Amps (800us)

- Max surge current: 40,000 Amps (8 / 50ms)

- 1 Shunyata MPDA (Multi-phase differential array)
(reduces impulse and broadband noise)

- Hydraulic electromagnetic breaker
(eliminates thermal noise)
- Inlet: IEC-C20
(requires a power cord with a C19 connector)
- 6 US Outlets: Shunyata SRZ1 (NEMA P15)
- 6 Euro Outlets: EU1-16R

- Dual 12-AWG conductors
(Cryogenic CDA-101 oxygen free copper)
- ZP-PDS (Zero-point power distribution system)
Pure copper / zinc alloy
Cryogenically treated

- 14 gauge steel chassis
- Aluminum faceplate


Width 17.25 inches 43.8 cm
Depth 7.75 inches 19.7 cm
Height 4.20 inches 10.7 cm
Weight 8.4 lbs 3.81 kg

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