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Hydra Triton


The Hydra Triton power distributor is the beneficiary of a ten year research and development cycle aimed at rolex reviews perfecting high-performance, maximum current power-distribution for the film, recording and audio/video industries. All of the unique technologies within Hydra Triton are the exclusive intellectual property of Shunyata Research scientist Caelin Gabriel. These advances in technology earned the Hydra Triton sole possession of the Product of the Year award in its category from The Absolute Sound, and similar accolades from Editor Michael Fremer of Stereophile. It is rare in any product category -- even less so in power products, for there to be a consensus on products used in different systems and within differing contexts. Hydra Triton has broken that mold by offering reference performance in every recording, film, media and music system they have been applied in since their debut. Triton models are now being used in many of the finest recording studios; by top electronics manufacturers and industry luminaries the world over.

This critical and commercial consensus is the result of Shunyata\'s ability to measurably improve peak-current delivery to electronics using DTCD Analysis (see DTCD technology information). Equally important has been the development of the MPDA (Multi-Phase-Differentail-Array) filter-networks, which minimize CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) without adding any capacitive or inductive reactance. Shunyata\'s (patents pending) Noise Isolation Chambers add performance to the Triton design by passively absorbing noise in the megahertz and gigahertz region. Shunyata\'s ZPP-DS (Zero-Point Power Distribution Buss) and VTX wiring significantly minimize electrical resistance and wire-related distortions. Taken as a whole, the Hydra Triton combines true technical innovation and custom parts engineering to deliver what can be considered by any standard, the finest product in its category.

System Application Guide: Hydra Reference Category
The Hydra Triton is Shunyata\'s pure Reference power distributor. Triton has double the filtration of the Talos, almost double-size Noise Isolation Chambers and a heavier gauge buss-system. For reference recording, film and music systems that have more than 4-5 components the Hydra Triton should be considered first. Hydra Talos has all the elements that make the Triton a world-reference performer but has scaled the size and scale of these items back just enough to make the six-outlet Talos more affordable. The Hydra Cyclops is essentially a Hydra Triton with two outlets. The Hydra Cyclops are for those with more than one dedicated line or for systems with remote components such as amps, projectors, recording electronics that require reference performance in power-delivery but only 1 or 2 outlets. Do not be fooled by the Hydra Cyclops\' two-outlet size as it performs at or even above the Triton due to it\'s \"perfect-path\" low resistance to high-current and the absence of any electrical breaker.

For those with dedicated AC lines and separate power breakers at their panel, using a Talos or Triton for sources and line components and a Cyclops for the second AC line with amps would be the ideal application. For those with just a single house line or a single dedicated line, the Talos or Triton will support the current-load for the entire system including amps of any power rating. Hydra Talos and Triton both offer over 80,000 amps of over-current protection. Only the Hydra Cyclops does not use the Carling electromagnetic breaker for over-current protection to even further enhance peak current efficiency.

** None of the Hydra models limit maximum current and all are rated a 20 amps continuous with 40-50amp peak current available. There are NO internal limitations to peak or continuous current in ANY Hydra model. All Hydra models are measured to test and ultimately prove their efficiency in current delivery to ANY complete high-current system, amplifier, projector or recording panel!

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