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Etron Cobra


The Cobra is without qualification the Rolex GMT-Master II replica finest price-to-performance power cord that Shunyata Research (or anyone else for that matter) has ever created. The Cobra will always be our first -- and most often only power cord recommendation for those seeking state-of-the-art performance -- with one eye on value. Forget pre-conceptions or expectations going into an evaluation with the Cobra. The performance difference even one of the models makes will force you to re-evaluate the role a truly exceptional power cord can play in your music, film or recording system. With the Cobra, spending less actually does deliver more performance.

Application Suggestions
The Cobra\\\\\\\'s massive ten-gauge conductor complement and supple flexibility means that it can be used on ANY component. Like other Shunyata power cords, the best place to evaluate the performance of the Cobra is on the amplifier, the power distributor or a music or video source component. Shunyata Research designed the Cobra as a complete power cord system, so the more of them that are applied in a system, the more profound their effects become. However, placing even one Cobra on a key component will demonstrate how effective they could be when used together. Forget pre-conceptions as to whether the Cobra is best with analog, digital, high-current or low current. In all of Shunyata\\\\\\\'s applied testing there was a perfect synergy with the Cobra when applied to any and all electronics from ultra high-current amps to delicate phono-sections and everything in between.

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