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710 Stereo-Amp


THD vs. Power:
The diagram shows the power measurement into an 8Ω load. In contrast to other power amplifiers, distortions remain on a minimal level over the entire power bandwidth.

Fast Fourier Transfer (FFT)
Measurement for a 1kHz sine signal with 50 watts output power into an 8Ω load. All distortion components are below -115dBr and thus over 550,000 times smaller than the music signal.

The noise measurement reveals how much noise the amplifier produces without a music signal. All noise components are below -160dBr, measured against the achievable output signal of the 710 stereo amplifier. Typically this value lies between replicas de relojes suizos ca. -110 and -120dBr. Hence the 710 stereo amplifier has about 100 times less inherent noise than comparable products.

2 × 120 W @ 8 Ω
2 × 240 W @ 4 Ω
2 × 480 W @ 2 Ω

Standby <0.5 W

Idle consumption 180-200 W

Output voltage max. 31 Vrms

Output current max. 60 A

Peak power rating ~3\'000 W

Sensitivity 1.55 Vrms

Amplification +26 dB

Frequency response dc-1 MHz

Slew rate 330 ns

Distortion (THD) <0.0006 %

Signal-to-noise ratio >108 dB

Damping factor > 10\'000

Input impedance
balanced 4.7 kΩ
unbalanced 10 kΩ

Output impedance 0.001 Ω
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