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CD 32


The CD32 is the successor to and upgrade for the successful and acclaimed balanced CD31 CD player. Every component, from the CD transport to the audio output stage, has been designed to achieve the highest possible audio performance. For the many music lovers with large and growing CD collections, the CD32 will ensure that the silver disc continues to provide easy access to ever greater fidelity. Even so, the CD32 will also unlock the vast store of music available from the Internet, playing and controlling MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc. Whichever source you choose the CD32 will respond with exceptional sound according to the data available.

Mechanism: Asatech 8210.B01-02, Sanyo SF-P101N
D/A converter: 2x PCM1704, DF1706 (digital filter), 24/96 kHz
Analogue outputs discrete analogue output stage:
1 pair RCA, 2.1 Vrms;
1 pair XLR, 4.1 Vrms;
Output impedance: RCA 390 Ώ; XLR 47 Ώ
Digital outputs: 1x SPdif (RCA); 1x AES/EBU (XLR);
1x optical (TOS-link)
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20 kHz -0.5dB

Signal to Noise: 20Hz – 20kHz unweighted -100dB
THD + N: 20Hz – 20kHz <0.01%
Other inputs: USB interface; IR input 3.5mm;
RS232; Trigger in/out 3.5mm
Power consumption: Standby 0.5W; Idle 22W; Operation 25W
Dimensions: (wxdxh) 430 x 375 x 106 mm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Colour options: Black or Titanium

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