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Odin II


Ayon Odin ( Stereo version)

Many of our clients have asked for a stereo tube power amplifier that meets Ayon\'s outstanding design standards, by using the same kind of Ayon’s super triode power tube employed in our Vulcan monoblock amplifier. The Odin is the answer and offers true single-ended operation with the ability to delivers high current & voltage for best sound performance. Throughout, the Odin is engineered without compromise. The speedy bass with dynamic power, life-like realism coupled with 3D airy replica de relojes soundstage, smooth-transparent midrange and frequency extension opens a new musicality quality in its single-ended triode stereo power amplifier class.

Ayon Odin ( Monoblock version)

For the ultimate in flexibility, the stereo Odin can be fully upgraded to an Odin monoblock status; it is easy convert to a monoblock at any point in time. Just add a second Odin to enjoy the benefits of true monoblock operation. The monoblock version of the Odin supplies a prodigious 120 watts of output power per channel.

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