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Triton III


We are proud to introduce our latest third-generation integrated amplifier,the Triton III. This design presents a substantial upgrade to hublot replicas our very popular Triton II stereo integrated amplifiers, highly-regarded for providing world class performance in a beautiful-engineered, compact, and elegant package. All the gain stages have been re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. The result is a significant advance in sonic performance, wider and deeper airy soundstage with greatly improved powerful bass punch and dynamics. Musical finesse and superb powerful performance has been combined without compromise into one convenient chassis and affordable pricing. Compared with many top grade integrated amplifiers, the Triton III is a mid-priced unit, but we are confident that value and musical performance is approached maybe by few KT88 designs only, regardless of cost.replique montre de luxe |
Replique Montre |
Montre Replique

Class of Operation: Triode* or Pentode mode, Class-A*

Tube Complement: 8 x KT88

Load Impedance: 4 & 8 Ohms

Bandwidth: 8Hz-70kHz

Output Power:Pentode mode KT88: 2 x 100 W

Output Power:Triode mode KT88: 2 x 60 W

Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 60 kHz

Input Impedance at 1 kHz: 100 KΩ

Input sensitivity (full power): 1V

NFB: 0dB

Remote Control: Yes

Inputs: 3 x Line IN, 1 x XLR IN, 1 x Direct IN,

Outputs: 1 x Pre Out

Dimensions (WxDxH) cm: 51x42x25 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice iwc replicas

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