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Sound Sub PSW8/PSW10


The SoundSub™ PSW8 / PSW10 have a discrete design and the same high quality “piano finish” as the SP-1 and SP-2 satellites. The enclosure is a fibre-glass composition which follows the Morel design philosophy of light yet strong cabinets with no internal damping. This allows for less stored energy delivering fast and agile bass response.

The PSW8 is fitted with an 8” bass unit driven by a 100 W high power amplifier. The PSW10 was designed with larger rooms in mind. The hublot replicas enclosure is only 20% larger then the PSW8, incorporating a 10” high power woofer with a 200W amplifier. Both the PSW8 and PSW10 offer seamless acoustic integration for the new MT-1 and MT-2 SoundSpot™ systems.

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