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Sound wall H series


The SoundWall™ in-wall series delivers the same faithful reproduction that replique montre suisse Morel fans worldwide have come to expect from their cinematic and musical experiences. This series features numerous award-winning Morel components and incorporates hi-end drivers.
These handcrafted speakers are uniquely designed and constructed to offer extraordinary sound quality for both stereo and home theatre applications.

The SoundWall™ H series is offered in 3 bass/midrange woofer sizes. Each requires a different internal wall volume and power handling for optimal operation. The difference in performance level is defined by the size of the bass/midrange woofers. The woofers used in the SoundWall™ speaker systems include Morel’s C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) Filter™. Originally designed for the company’s automotive offerings, the resistive filter optimizes the panerai replica performance of the woofer in a free-air cavity, thus enabling the in-wall to behave as though it utilizes a conventional enclosure.

The woofers are designed with a flat profile architecture which delivers a very wide dispersion at all frequencies.
Each woofer is fitted with cellular fiber cone (paper cones), a very large 3″ (75 mm) Hexatech™ voice, coil and an extra efficient high power magnet systems matched according to size.

The SoundWall™ H 1⅛” (28mm) soft-dome, Acuflex™ coated tweeter has a 50 degrees dispersion angle for each direction making installation and alignment an easier task, all while providing a wider listening area. Due to the very wide dispersion of Morel’s famous soft-dome tweeter there is no need for directional / pivoting tweeters. To achieve optimal acoustics and for added flexibility the tweeter level attenuation is adjustable by +/-3dB. The tweeter is mounted in an acoustically profiled position.

An enhanced crossover provides greater control over the integration of the drive units for a smoother more accurate sound.

Available with a frame or a frameless option, Morel’s SoundWall™ series ”wall-to-wall” sound stage will appeal to those who enjoy a magnificent performance whilst hiding the source.

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