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SP 1


The MT-1 / MT-1 UItra are a multi speaker system for both home theatre and Hi-Fi. Designed as a modern minimalist package it delivers the renowned Morel sound and exceptional value.

SoundSpot™ Music Theatre 1 home theatre speaker system features Morel’s SoundSpot™ SP-1 for front, rear, and center channel speakers. The SP-1 half-sphere steel enclosure houses a two-way coaxial speaker. The SoundSub™ PSW8 is fitted with an 8″ bass unit driven by a 100W high power amplifier supplying seamless acoustic integration for the SoundSpot™ series.

The SoundSpot™ Music Theatre 1 Ultra features the SoundSpot™ SP-1 satellite speakers with the SoundSub™ PSW10. The PSW10 was designed with larger rooms in mind. The enclosure is only 20% larger then the PSW8, incorporating a 10” high power woofer with a 200W amplifier. Both SoundSub™ PSW8 and PSW10 deliver a rich deep bass sound.

Morel’s MT-1 / MT-1 Ultra provides the ideal speaker solution for today’s modern computers equipped with high-quality sound cards. It exploits its full potential by delivering exciting sound with a discrete appearance.

Available in Piano White, replique montre suisse Piano Black and Champagne finishes, the SoundSpot™ Music Theatre 1/ 1 Ultra deliver excellent performance at a lower cost, representing great value.

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