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Winner of the 2013 CES Design and Engineering Innovations award, The Sopran is a true testament to the concept of “form follows function” showing that utilizing the latest in technology to seek further than the conventional boxy speaker does not have to boring.

Our R&D team of experts orologi replica panerai and capable designers set their goals to stretch the boundaries even further than before and engineer a high-end speaker able of recreating the excitement of live music, in a refined visual package that would appeal to a broader audience.

The Sopran 3-way (five drive units) is a combination of creative vision and acoustic physics. Featuring Morel’s most advanced technologies; internal standing waves diffusion shaped the curved carbon fibre composite cabinet enabling no internal absorption material, creating a speaker so transparent and natural that it sounds as if there was no cabinet at all. For tight and controlled bass reproduction a new in-line port technology was developed molding the speaker’s back “spine” appearance for a significantly improved soundstage and realism. Completing the cabinet design are the new innovative Lotus grilles*, that considerably reduce distortion levels usually created by other protective covers.

Leveraging our latest transducer technology we developed new 6-inch drivers utilizing titanium relogios replicas support mechanism that transfers the motor force to the membrane with minimal energy lose to preserve the drama and dynamics of the original sound, creating a tactile musical experience.

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