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Uno fino


A new entry point into the fascinating world of Avantgarde\'s horn speakers, and a new opportunity for those who have limited space!

The Uno Fino is a scaled–down version of the classical Uno system. The objective during the developement of this compact, horn system was to accomplish the clarity and power of its \'bigger\' brother in a significantly reduced enclosure.
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With the developement of a totally new 8 inch bass driver we were able to reduce the cabinet structure of the Uno Fino significantly compared to the original Uno. The horns are now an integral part of the speaker body. Straight, without frills, and reduced to the max. But still endowed with the typical cartier replicas elements of our brand and thus immediately, recognizable as an Avantgarde system: The Uno Fino – the perfect Avantgarde for smaller environments.

The Uno Fino is a passive 2–way spherical horn speaker system, combined with the integrated active subwoofer Sub 221. At the heart of the system, stunningly deep midrange frequencies down to 300 Hz are covered by the remarkable 20 inch (500mm) spherical midrange horn, powered by Avantgarde Acoustic\'s™, proprietary 5 inch (127 mm) M1 driver.

The Uno Fino\'s high sensitivity (104 dB/W/m) and hybrid concept, with its self–powered 250 Watt subwoofer, make it very easy to drive with virtually any amplifier. Even with low powered (e.g. tube) amps the Uno Fino is able to deliver a powerful, dynamic and three–dimensional sound, as the power–demanding work at low frequencies is managed by the active subwoofer Sub 221.
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